$10,000 Wedding Flower Budget

$10,000 Wedding Budget: Wedding Flower ideas

$10,000 Wedding Budget for Flowers: What to Expect:

Do you have $10,000 in your wedding floral budget? Go big and beautiful! 

If you are lucky enough to have a large floral budget, there are so many fun and unique things you can do with your flowers. One common problem is though, that most brides aren’t familiar with floral industry prices and don’t know what is a reasonable expectation for their wedding flowers. They aren’t sure where to start! With tons of luxurious styled shoots floating around, it can be hard to know what can actually fit into your budget. Before visiting your local wedding florist, check out our breakdown below for our suggestions for where best to divide your budget and what you can expect to see on your Floral Plan.

Keep in mind that your floral budget should be (on average) about 15% of your overall wedding budget and can go up or down depending on what decor you can’t live without! Check out our upcoming “Average Cost for Wedding Flowers” blog to see a brief description of each average price per arrangement and a good idea of what flowers could be included. If you have a little budget room to spare, check out our $20,000 budget breakdown to get ideas of a few arrangements you can add to the budget below, if your budget is a little less, check out our $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000 budget breakdowns! Feel free to reach out to us for more ideas!

*Please note that these numbers are based on average prices and that floral prices and quotes vary florist-to-florist.


$10,000 Wedding Budget: Wedding Flower ideas


-Jessi Higgins    Wildflowers LLC

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